Damon Orion


One scribe’s misadventures with Ambien, the world’s freakiest sleep medication.

Full moon madness at a weekend Tantra seminar.

A skeptic’s cosmic quest for a reason to believe in astrology.

I showered in brutally cold water for 15 days for your entertainment.

When your internal DJ won’t stop playing an infuriatingly catchy song, you’ve got yourself an earworm. Our intrepid reporter dissects the tunes that drive us insane—in the membrane.

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  • Glory Days

GT’s music editor relives his footloose days of guns and roses

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  • Rock of Ages

Are rock music and religion at cross purposes?

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  • Jukebox Heroes

He went in like a virgin and returned a daydream-believin’, one-man wrecking machine. The titillating tale of a brave music editor and his curious karaoke quest.

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Burning questions for the crown princes of cannabis, Cheech & Chong

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  • Bill Says the Darnedest Things

Bill Cosby speaks his mind on humor, Barack Obama and the African-American condition.

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Marini’s scores a spot in the new Ripley’s Believe It Or Not book with its strangest offering: chocolate-covered bacon

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  • Calling Doctor Love

Drs. Vera and Steve Bodansky on seduction, training your mate and the art of the one-hour orgasm

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  • Mistaken Identity

(An interview conducted by GT editor Greg Archer in which I pretend to be Matt Damon)

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He’s lampooned hernias, morbid obesity and surgical catastrophies. Now Weird Al shows us the lighter side of the apocalypse.

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One high school reunion and a bundle of memories spawn a bunch of headscratching. Welcome to Human Memory 101

  • Wine Tasting for Dummies

Clueless about vino? Don’t let that stop you from blending in at a tasting.

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A Halloween Fable

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